A Little About Me

Yes, that is a Twinkie.
  1. I was born in Arlington, Texas, and up until August 2014 I had lived within 100 miles of there my whole life.  I now live in Hawaii, almost 3,800 miles away.
  2. I have one older sister, Amanda, and one older brother, Jason.
  3. Before moving to Hawaii, I had only seen an ocean once - that was the Atlantic, which I saw in Florida.
  4. I have not been to any states north of Colorado/Utah, nor to any foreign countries - but I will remedy that in time.  I'd like to live in England for a little while, too.
  5. I really do "like" heights.  Many people are scared to fly on planes, or just scared of heights in general, but I like both.  Taking off and landing in a plane are cool experiences to me.
  6. I have never broken any bones.
  7. I grew up during the heyday of World Wrestling Federation's "Attitude Era".  My brother got me into it, as he did with nearly everything else, and was such a big fan he built us and our cousins a wrestling ring in my aunt's backyard.  Even though I was just tall enough for the top of my head to touch the top rope, it was awesome and I miss it.
  8. After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, my school was one of many others across the nation that asked it's kids to draw pictures to wish the people of Oklahoma City to get well soon and that we're thinking of them.  Some of the pictures were chosen to be in a book called Dear Oklahoma City, Get Well Soon, including mine.  You can pick up a copy of this book from Amazon here.  We got to take three people with us to Oklahoma City, so I took my mom and grandparents, and had a chance to meet President Clinton as well as the other kids whose pictures were chosen.
    8a.  I also had a poem I wrote in school published to one of those children's poems books in the mid-'90s.
This is my brother with the wrestling ring he built us.