Monday, December 15, 2014

Opinionated With Reserve

I remember the moment when I realized that I am quite opinionated.  I'm pretty sure it was in high school, and I thought "Wow, I feel pretty strongly about certain things."  Which is silly, granted, because everybody has opinions.  Yet I wasn't very assertive or vocal back then or now, but at least around friends I would argue my cases and want people to see it my way.  What I've realized since then, is that everybody a.) has opinions and b.) wants you to see it their way.

The thing is, everybody thinks that they are right, right?  About any and everything, if you think about it.  Do you think oranges taste better than apples and that Pepsi is better than Coke?  Do you feel strongly that your sports team deserves victory over the others?  Do you agree or disagree with "Mopar or no car"?  Whichever way you swing on these, you do believe you are right, don't you?  Yes, some of these might be simple preferences which you can easier shrug off as "Yes, I prefer the taste of Pepsi and oranges, but I don't think there's a 'right' or 'wrong' answer, it's just my personal preference." But what if you take it to a deeper level, like your political or spiritual beliefs?  What about ethics, what you believe IS right or wrong?  There's less arguing those, right?

But everybody thinks that way, everybody thinks they're right.  You don't walk around thinking you're just wrong about stuff.  So, I think I have more and more become reserved when it comes to my own personal beliefs, especially the big picture ones.  I keep most of that to myself, unless someone specifically asks or is interested in having a conversation to discuss it.  Otherwise, it's kind of a waste of time, right?  Most of the bigger beliefs you hold are woven pretty deep within you, and it's just plain annoying if someone tries to tie in their own beliefs onto your fabric.  OR the opposite happens, especially in social media (namely Facebook), and suddenly you're sharing something personal that people will either agree with and read, or ignore altogether because it doesn't pertain to them.  In that case, I'm just not sure I see what good it does to post/share it in the first place.  Which is definitely ironic because this very blog entry is my opinion on opinions, and here I am posting/sharing it which means it will probably either be read by those whom it makes sense to, or ignored completely by the vast majority, heh.

So I suppose I should come up with a purpose or overall point here I'm trying to make, because what I'm not trying to do is convince anyone of anything except to maybe just keep this in mind:
Everybody has opinions/views/beliefs which they believe are the unwavering truth; so instead of trying to force and spread your own ideas on others, maybe it's more beneficial to seek/ask/learn about others, and to try to understand why they see things the way they do.  Above all else, respect other people's viewpoints.  That's all :)